About Thornton Springer

О компании Thornton Springer

Thornton Springer, an international audit practice, with over a hundred years of experience, provides a wide range of professional services to its clients: from Public Limited Companies and international organizations, including credit institutions and insurance companies, to sole traders.

Thornton Springer offers an individual tailored service and it has a full staff of experts in all fields of its activities. Based in South-East London, Thornton Springer provides services all over the Great Britain, and through its subsidiary and associated audit companies – in America, Europe, including Eastern Europe, with a practice in Moscow. Clients, whatever their size may be, have direct access to tailored skill and experience of our Partners and professional staff.

Thornton Springer employs the latest technology for provision of fast, efficient and cost-effective services. This includes business accounting and audit, personal and corporate taxation, budgeting, planning in respect of tangibles’ taxation and succession, advising to companies on investments, payroll accounting and maintenance of accounting records.

Thornton Springer Financial Services Limited, a member of IFA Network, operates as a separate company and renders financial, legal services and a whole range of consulting services, including management consulting.

Thornton Springer’s special area of activity is rendering of services on automation of business processes.