Thornton Springer Practice in Russia

Российская практика Thornton Springer

Thornton Springer Practice in Russia was established in 1996. Today the Russian office of the Practice has all approvals for all types of audit as required by the Russian laws.

Thornton Springer Practice in Russia has a staff of qualified Russian chartered accountants together with British expatriates. Thus, the advantage of Thornton Springer is generated by the combination of the efficiency of an international audit practice with an unexcelled scope of services and knowledge of the local specifics.

First-hand knowledge of the local environment enables Thornton Springer to give practical help and advice when it comes to compliance with Russian laws and administrative procedures in respect of most of the matters related to business establishment and business operations.

Historically, the main services rendered by Thornton Springer are: audit according to Russian Accounting Standards, international audit with issue of an International Audit Report, drawing of financial reports in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP, etc., bringing of RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) based financial reports into conformance with IFRS, US GAA, etc., outsourcing, consulting services, consultations on a variety of issues, etc.

Thornton Springer is specifically qualified to consult on the matters concerning consolidation of Russian companies, foreign company investments and on the matters of obtaining of licenses and approvals for specific types of operations. The Practice can also provide consultations on securities, bureaucracy and whatever matters that can arise.

If you choose the services of Thornton Springer Practice in Russia, you will get a reliable International Audit Report drawn in accordance with International Audit Standards by an internationally recognized audit firm.

Thornton Springer’s special area of activity is rendering of services on automation of business processes.