Due Diligence

Dynamic development of a business (company) provides for periodical reorganization and/or investment decisions. For making effective and reasoned decisions it is necessary to carry out effective and efficient examination of the company (business).

Due diligence is a complex, comprehensive examination of the company’s management quality, its financial condition and market position for making investment decisions. Due diligence will also make it possible to improve the company management, increase business efficiency, avoid unexpected complications.

  • financial and economical,
  • accounting and tax,
  • legal.

Reliability and efficiency of automated accounting systems is also checked in the course of such examination.

Experts of Thornton Springer Practice in Russia will carry out due diligence for your company both in respect of any specific field of activity and in respect of a group of activities.

Thornton Springer International Audit Company, represented by its Russian Practice, employs the latest methods and approaches for preparation of due diligence reports, which have already proved their efficiency all over the world and have been successfully time-tested in Russia and CIS countries. This makes it possible for our experts to carry out high-quality due diligence enabling you to make reasonable and effective decisions.